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An Architecture and Sustainability or Facility Management degree will give you the foundation to build a career in a built environment profession.

Step 1

You enroll at Ferris with interest in an architecture-related career.

Step 2

We’ll turn your interest into experience that results in you becoming a professional in a career you want.

Step 3

Your success. Nearly 100% of our graduates find professional placement or acceptance into graduate programs.

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The FM program was very challenging with a lot of courses and demanding workload. Although it was challenging, I was able to manage my time effectively and excel in my courses. I have taken this valuable skill and have applied it to my very demanding job!

— Natasha '07

The most valuable thing I learned while in school was that school is what you make it. Study what interests you and keep learning about the topic even outside the classroom.

— Kristen '10

Diane is so cool!

Diane told us that we needed a new dedicated song for the Architecture & Facility Management programs. After many hours of searching, this website was developed via the motivation of the new Ferris Architecture & Facility Management song.