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Architecture & Sustainability

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture and Sustainability teaches students to embrace sustainability and community planning principles and incorporate a set of practices and way of thinking about the sustainable development of the built environment.

Juniors and seniors are matched with practicing architects who serve as mentors for the academic year. Architects offer students one-on-one time for project feedback, portfolio and resume advice, and professional guidance.

Fourth-year Architecture and Sustainability students participate in the Small Town Studio experience. Small Town Studio brings together teachers, students, professionals, and community members from diverse backgrounds to address a range of design and planning problems involving environmental, social, and economic issues. Small Town Studio is unique among architectural schools in its focus on rejuvenating the fabric of small towns.

A Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and Sustainability prepares students for:

  • Career-entry employment in the architectural profession
  • Continued education in a NAAB-accredited (National Architectural Accrediting Board) graduate program, leading to licensure as an architect

Third Year Fall Semester 

ARCH 341

Architectural Design 1

ARCH 323

Structural Design

ARCH 361

Environmental Systems 1

ENGL 311, 323, or 325

English Elective

Self and Society

Self and Society Elective

Third Year Spring Semester 

ARCH 342

Architectural Design 2

ARCH 362

Environmental Systems 2

ARCH Elective

Architectural elective

FMAN 432

Principles of Interior Architecture

ARCH 246

20th Century Architectural History

Fourth Year Fall Semester 

ARCH 441

Architectural Design 3

ARCH 419

Sustainability in Architecture:  Advanced Topics

ARCH 421

Current Issues in Architecture


Self and Society Elective


Science Elective

Fourth Year Spring Semester 

ARCH 499

Architectural Design 4

ARCH Elective

Architectural elective

FMAN 322

Project Management


Global Elective

Architectural Electives 

ARCH 270 BIM and Parametric Design

ARCH 285 House: An American Evolution

ARCH 350 Site Design

FMAN 331 Programming and the Design Process


Entry into the BS in Architecture and Sustainability program is competitive and open to Ferris AAS graduates and transfer students at the third year with appropriate preparation. Minimum requirements include:

  • AAS in Architectural Technology
  • College transcripts
  • 2.75 GPA
  • Design Portfolio (including letter of intent/personal statement)

Applications and portfolios should be submitted by February 1 prior to fall semester requested. To apply online go to: www.ferris.edu/admissions.

Further information may be obtained by calling the Architecture and Facility Management Office at 231-591-3100, email atfm@ferris.edu, or visit program web site www.ferris.edu/BSArch.

Our reputation among A&E firms, interior design firms, and corporations results in nearly 100% career placement. Graduates are working in Michigan and around the country, including:

  • Tower Pinkster
    Grand Rapids, MI
  • GMB Architecture
    Holland, MI
  • DriDesign
    Holland, MI
  • Partner Engineering & Science, Inc
    Farmington Hills, MI

Nearly half of our graduates go on to master’s degree programs around the country, including:

  • Boston Architectural College
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • University of Arizona
  • Kendall College of Art and Design